FAQs - Alice Dream Home

Where are you based?

We are proudly headquartered in Newark, DE, within the United States of America, and operate globally with distribution centers spanning all continents. We are a proud member of the LowStock LLC digital holding.

How does shipping work?

Alice Dream Home collaborates with global merchants and artisans to bring you the best prices and the most intriguing products. Your order is shipped from various global locations such as Turkey, Spain, Thailand, Tibet, China, India, etc. Due to the direct shipment from our partners, please be patient if it doesn't arrive immediately – it's on its way! We offer international shipping options; no matter where you are, you can purchase from us! Rest assured, all orders are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your items, we'll send replacements for free or provide a full refund.

What if I need to return something?

Contact us promptly, and we'll assist you through the return process. We'll even provide a prepaid mailer for you to return the item. We stand by our products, offering a 30-day return policy after you receive your purchase.

How do we contact you for press inquiries?

Reach out via email info@alicedreamhome.com or use our contact form, and we'll respond promptly, usually within 24 hours. Also in the number: US country code (1) then (740) 990-2137. Alice Dream Home belongs to LOWSTOCK LLC. For legal formalities please reach out to admin@lowstock-llc.com.

We genuinely appreciate you as a valued customer.

Thank you for choosing us! 😊