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Our lamps are not just lighting fixtures but statement pieces that captivate and impress. Each lamp is a visual masterpiece, creating intrigue and becoming a focal point in any space.


Vintage Collection

A curated selection of retro-inspired lamps and fixtures that promise to enhance any interior with their unique appeal. Each piece evokes a sense of charm and character, showcasing the craftsmanship and allure of bygone eras.

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Japanese essence

Akari Collection

Experience the essence of minimalism with the Akari Collection, inspired by Isamu Noguchi's iconic 1951 designs. Embodying Japanese Wabi-Sabi principles, each piece reflects timeless simplicity and natural beauty.

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Nordic Aesthetics

Scandi Collection

Featuring clean lines and functional designs inspired by Nordic aesthetics. Perfect for creating a serene and stylish atmosphere in any modern home.

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🧘‍♂️ Core Principles of Wabi Sabi Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, Wabi Sabi is all about embracing the natural world, finding beauty in imperfection, and creating a calm environment

  • 🏮 Noguchi-Inspired

    Draws from Isamu Noguchi's 1951 designs. Infuse tranquility and sophistication into every room. Upgrade your space with the timeless beauty of iconic lamps

  • 🍃 Unique Art Pieces

    Our lamps are crafted as art pieces that you won't find in regular stores. Elevate your space blending an unique style with a modern unique Wabi-Sabi design

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    Enjoy free shipping on all orders. Because we believe in making your shopping experience convenient and affordable

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  • "These Noguchi-inspired lamps added a touch of timeless beauty to my home, seamlessly blending Japanese craftsmanship with modern design—simply exquisite! 🎎" - Emily Johnson

  • "My wife adores how the Samurai lamp elevates our bedroom space. The Japanese touch creates a serene ambiance 🌿. The complimentary shipping was a delightful bonus!" - Michael Smith

  • "I love to practice Yoga🧘‍♀️ with my Akari lamp on. The detail and modernism of the lamps is a perfect fit for my decor, infusing tranquility and sophistication into the room. 🌸" - Sarah Lee

🌟 Our Vision

At Alice Dream, we specialize in elegant lighting solutions that prioritize your comfort. Experience natural illumination without harsh glare, paired with stunning designs that elevate your space. Transform your home with our lamps, or enjoy a full money-back guarantee